“We don’t work for METRO. Watch whom we really work for.”


Running your own business isn't easy. But these business owners did it anyway. They are doers, who took their dreams and turned them into their own businesses. They are the ones we work for – millions of own businesses all around the globe.

Get to know a few of them, watch their stories and find out how we can support you with our produts and services. Because your success is our business.

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“I want to open a second restaurant.”

Cocotte Jolie, Italy

“I want to digitize the family business.”

Restaurant Wetterkamp, Germany


“My goal is to bring new flavors to my guests.”

Fidel Castro, Croatia

“I want to open another restaurant in my style.”

Atelier Yssoirien, France


“My goal is to serve fine dining in a casual way.”

Ænd, Austria


“I want to bring back forgotten flavors.”

Qüenco de Pepa, Spain


“I want to bring people together.”

Pàteo do Petisco, Portugal


“I want to turn my new restaurant into the next big thing”

Fabrik Food Factory, Czech Republic


“I want to bring freshness to town.”

VRBA STR, Serbia


“I want to offer what my neighborhood needs.”

Bian, Romania

“My goal is to provide the best quality for my community.”

Odido Shops, Poland


“I want to support the family bakery through my shops.”

SK Catering, Slovakia


“I want to offer sustainable catering.”

Little Cheff, Belgium

“I want to become the most successful gastro-entrepreneur of Rotterdam.”

H2OTEL, Netherlands


“We want local ingredients to be the center of our menu.”

ZULA, Turkey


 “I want to redefine streetfood.” 

Streedfood.kz, Kazakhstan


“I want to make Ukrainian cuisine famous all over the world.”

Association of Chefs, Ukraine


“I want to spread vegetarian cuisine in China.”

Vege Tiger Food, China


“I want to stay always one step ahead of my competitors.”

Vadaspark Étterem, Hungary


“I want my family shop to be the go-to-place..”

V Family Mart, India


“I want to establish a new culinary concept in Moscow.”

Bar Boshko, Russia



“My goal is to bring authentic Neapolitan cuisine to Sofia.”

Ristorante Napoli, Bulgaria



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