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Fresh Fish and Seafood

visit METRO wholesale for Fresh fish and Seafood


Seafood lovers (and those who cater to them): Rejoice. Your nearest METRO store has the widest range of fresh fish, sourced from far and wide and stored adhering to critical standards. If you’re looking for quality, variety – and of course affordability – METRO is the right choice for you.


We take every step to assure you of the highest levels of freshness and hygiene:

  • Quality Index Method(QIM) and Organoleptic checks( look, texture, smell)are used for checking freshness
  • Fresh arrivals are ensured daily
  • Stringent checks are undertaken when stocks arrive and are handled following stringent norms
  • Regular fishermen development programs to upgrade skills and quality orientation are undertaken


You’ll be amazed at the range of choices we offer:

  • Sourced from more than 20 procuring sites on the east and west coast of India
  • Fresh water fish sourced from certified inland farms
  • Frozen Sea Food: Prawns (Convenience Packs & HoReCa Packs) ,Squid Rings,Whole, Octopus.

Marinated / Value added Range: Fish Fingers, Crab Sticks, Crab Claws etc..
Imported Range: Fish: Frozen Imported Basa, Salmon Portion Cuts
Canned Sea Food: Tuna fish

Fresh Water – Rohu, Katla, Basa, Seer, Hilsa, etc.
Sea Water – Mackerel, Shrimps, Squids, Lobsters, Prawns, etc.
Imported – Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Tilapia Fillets, Red Snapper, White Pomfret, etc.

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