METRO for Safety

METRO for Safety

Extra Safety Measures Deployed at metro outlets

Employees Wearing Masks & Gloves

Employees wearing masks & gloves

Mandatory Temperature Checks for Customers & Staff

Mandatory temperature checks for customers & staff before entry

Social Distancing being practised

Social distancing being practised through crowd management

Every Trolley is Sanitized

Every trolley is sanitized before use

Store surface sanitized every hour

Store surfaces being sanitized every hour

Sanitizers available at multiple points

Sanitizers available at multiple points in the store

Dear METRO Member,

The safety of our customers & employees is our top priority. We are implementing multiple safety measures at our stores to ensure a safe & healthy environment for you & our employees, given the recent outbreak of Corona virus. These measures have been developed in consultation with our in-house doctors, quality team & the guidelines issued by the WHO.

We have ramped up our cleaning efforts at all our stores:

We are deep cleaning our stores every night & ensuring that all surface areas including trolley handles, cash tills etc. are cleaned & sanitized at frequent intervals during the day.

Safety of our employees & customers is our top priority:

We are screening all our employees every day with Infra-Red Thermometers before they enter the store. All staff who are customer facing and or involved in Food handling are wearing masks in addition to washing/sanitizing their hands frequently. All our food handlers also undergo regular medical checks to ensure food safety. In addition, we are also asking staff who are not feeling well to stay at home.

We are screening all customers with Infra-Red Thermometers before they enter our stores and have provided sanitizers at multiple points in the store for everyone’s safety. We have kept sanitizers in the grocery and fresh produce section and are advising customers to refrain from touching and feeling products in these sections for everyone’s safety.

Higher availability of daily essentials, stringent quality checks of staples, fruits & vegetables, meat & fish:

We have boosted availability of daily essentials like rice, pulses, flours, sugar, fruits & vegetables, dairy, processed foods & snacks & cleaning supplies like soaps, hand-washes, detergents, disinfectants, surface cleaners etc. so you have all the products you need during this crisis. We also do stringent quality checks on sensitive products like commodities, fruits & vegetables, meat & fish so you get the highest quality products. All our products continue to be available at wholesale prices as always so you get the most value from your purchases.

As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you during this time and are doing everything within our power to provide a safe & healthy environment to you and our employees.

Metro Wholesale