20th Anniversary Offer for Bandhan Customers

20th Anniversary 2023-EV Scooter Offer

Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotional offer “Contest” is applicable from 14th July to 30th September,2023(“Offer Period”).
  2. Entry into the Contest shall be limited only to METRO Cash and Carry Pvt. Ltd. (“METRO”) enrolled Customers who are registered under Bandhan Loyalty Program(Customer).
  3. Winning Criteria- Customers must make highest cumulative purchase during the Offer Period under Bandhan Loyalty Program.
  4. Bandhan Standard exclusions are applied to the articles purchased during the Offer Period.
  5. Customers should have minimum 4 visits to the concerned METRO Distribution Centre during the Offer Period. Visit to the particular DC will be taken into account while announcing the winners.
  6. The Contest prize shall contain Warranty as per the manufacturer’s terms and conditions, and METRO shall not be held liable with respect to the warranty of the contest prizes.
  7. Prizes shall be non-transferable and non-cashable. The Customer can not claim cash in lieu of the Prize.
  8. This contest cannot be clubbed with any other offer running in the given time at the concerned METRO store.
  9. METRO reserves the right to modify any terms and conditions, terminate or withdraw the contest at any time without prior intimation, at its sole discretion. Information regarding such cancellation /extensions /discontinuations /changes will however be intimated to the customers as soon as possible. The decisions of METRO regarding this contest, offer period and declaration of winners are final and binding.
  10. By participating in the contest, the winners to release and hold harmless METRO from any liability, claims, damages, losses, or expenses arising out of / in connection with the contest prize after the handover.
  11. METRO shall not be responsible for any damage or loss caused to the Contest Prize after dispatch to the Winner customers.
  12. Any complaint and/or grievance regarding the contest prize shall be directed to 022-40270000 or write to us at metro@rewardport.in .
  13. METRO shall not be responsible for the legal registration or insurance of vehicle for ownership after handover of the contest prize.
  14. The acceptance of the prize is solely at the discretion of the customer and is subject to the promotional terms and conditions set forth by METRO on behalf of the organizers.
  15. In case of any dispute, the decision of METRO shall be final and binding on all the parties.
  16. Only the primary card holder is eligible to receive the prize.
  17. Winner shall be declared during first week of October. Winners shall be informed through SMS/Whatsapp. Winners will be invited to the concerned store to handover the Prize.
  18. This Contest is applicable in 8 zones-Karnataka(DC 10,11,18,19,26,27,33,34), APT I(DC 17,36,37), APT II(DC 12,15,16,29), West I(DC 20,23,30), West II(DC 24,25,28), Punjab and Jaipur(DC 43,45,47,48), East(DC 60), RON and UP(DC 32,46,52,53,54 ).
  19. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Offer shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts situated at Bangalore, Karnataka Only.