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METRO brings you an extensive range of groceries including confectionary, cooking ingredients,
sauces – imported, local, branded and in all pack sizes.

Grocery World

  • Only at METRO

    METRO offers 3 exclusive brands in India: Aro, Fine Food and Horeca Select. These brands are designed to supply, inspire and support our customers in their businesses. Aro is a range of staple food and non-food daily use items. Fine Food caters to traders who want to offer their customers high-quality ingredients at great prices. Horeca Selec is designed to serve the needs of restaurants and top chefs with a range of food and non-food items.

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  • Our Range

    METRO offers a truly extensive range of market-leading international grocery and food products brands to the discerning professional customer. So whether you wish to stock up on specialist frozen pork from the Netherlands or olive oil from Spain or want a quality range of world class sauces, fruits, cheese, jams, pasta and more there really is no better place to fulfill your needs.

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