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Gourmet & Imported Products

Everything from international cooking ingredients like pastas, olive oils, European cheese & sauces, frozen pork to imported furniture, glassware from Bulgaria. METRO brings it all together under one roof for the discerning professional customer.

Our Gourmet and Imported Products portfolio includes branded cooking ingredients from international brands like Farrell, Barilla, Kraft, Olicoop, Leonardo, Nestle, Jergens, Camay, Fragata etc.

Gourmet world

  • Brand Portfolio

    As a specialized service, METRO also carries an exclusive range of brands in the Gourmet Food category. We offer a range of products like coffee solutions, variety of pasta, sauces and dips and frozen and packed fresh food from exclusive brands like Rioba, Sacla Italia, De Cecco.

  • Gourmet & Imported Product Range

    At METRO, our global sourcing capabilities are leveraged to maximise profit margins for our customers. The Gourmet Products section caters to the specialized requirements of our clients from the hospitality industry with exclusive, elusive offerings such as frozen pork from Belgium and frozen Basa fish.

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