hot Beverages 

Wide Range of Hot Beverages at METRO Wholesale
Our hot beverages range

Tea / Tea Bags

Our assortment includes different types of tea such as Tea Leaf, Dust, Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Tea bags (Black tea, Green tea and Flavoured tea bags) from national brands such as Red Label/Taj Mahal/ Taaza /Tata (Gold, Premium, Agni), Lipton, Tetley, Twinings, along with strong regional brands such as Waghbakri (Gujarat, West), Society (Mumbai), Marvel, Mohani (North), Good Rick (North, East), Tata (Gemini, Chakra, Kannan Devan, Lalghoda), 3 Roses, Sapat, Jivraj, Sprig Tea.

Special mention of our METRO brands products – Aro and Fine Life.

Pack sizes ranging from all sachet packs, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1 kg to 2 kg are available.



At METRO Wholesale, we have both filter and instant coffee from national brands like Bru, Nescafe Classic, Sunrise, Bru Green Label, Bru Trupti, Bru Gold, Nescafe Gold, along with strong regional brands especially from southern India like Cothas, Bayers, Levista, Hatti Kappi, ID Fresh (Karnataka), Continental coffee (AP/ Telangana). 

Special mention goes to our METRO brand product – Rioba.

Pack sizes varying from Rs.2, Rs.5, Rs.10 (all sachet packs), 25g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 500g to 1 kg are available.

Health Drinks

Health Food Drinks

We have complete Health drink/ health food solution right from kids to adults, along with specialized drinks for mothers and women in general to cater to the growing demand for protein/ calcium-rich products.

Our assortment includes national brands such as Horlicks, Boost, Complan, Pediasure, Ensure, Protinex, along with regional brands such as MTR, Manna etc.

Pack Sizes varying from Rs.2, Rs.5, Rs.10 (all sachet packs), 200g, 500g to 1 kg are available.

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