Cold Beverages 

Cold Beverages at METRO Wholesale India

Our cold beverages range

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Carbonated soft drinks

We have the perfect range of products suitable for every customer’s need ranging from weekend house party celebrations to simply quenching one’s thirst. Colas, Fruit based fizzy drinks, Party Cans, etc. we have it all.

Juices & still drinks

Nothing can be more rewarding than getting the nutritional values of fruits and vegetables in an easy to carry bottle in today’s busy world. We have the perfect basket of desi and international flavored juices along with option of 100% Juices, Coconut water, Cold pressed juices, no sugar options, mocktails, etc. for our customers to choose from.
Energy Drinks

Energy drinks

We have the perfect set of products to give our customers that extra instant boost of energy enough to get them through their day. We constantly keep updating our assortments based on the changing market needs keeping the major premium brands and introducing fresh brands for our customers to try.


We have everything ranging from a 250 ml bottle to a 5l can, from premium quality branded water to regional, entry price point brands available with us.

Syrups & concentrates

Choose from a variety of Syrups and Concentrates to enhance your drinks with desired mouthwatering flavors. 
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