Own Business Day 2019

METRO OWN Business day 2019

It's more than just a day - It's an opportunity!

Are you here for Own Business Day? Good!
Because Own Business Day celebrates you and all other business owners around the world. We advertise you, and your special ideas and offers, on an online platform - for free. You don’t even need to own a METRO card to participate. All you have to do is create a special to be part of the celebration.

So get started now! Because there is no business without you.


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Why & how to take part in Own Business Day

Own businesses, like yours, are the backbone of our economy. And on a personal level, your cafe, your restaurant, or your corner shop is far more. Your special way of doing things is vital for our everyday lives. So, every 2nd Tuesday of October we celebrate everything you do on Own Business Day.



Show what makes your Business special!

Create your special idea or offer that will be available only on Own Business Day- 8th of October!

Put your Business on the map - for free!

Upload your special to own-business-day.com and have your business visible on the map. From that moment on – and until October 8th, we advertise your business for free. So, more people can discover your specialties on the online platform.

Celebrate your Business!

On October 8th prepare yourself for a great celebration with even more people enjoying what makes you and your business special!

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See how participants from last years benefited from Own Business Day


"While we were thinking a lot about our new brand name, our taste, our customer service; it was really hard to find a time and focus on our advertisement. Then we heard about «METRO Own Business Day» and would like to be a part of it."


Kaan Damgacı




"The Vis-a-Vis restaurant has been operating continuously for 12 years and is located in a tenement house built in 1910-1912. When creating the restaurant Vis a Vis we strived to satisfy even the most demanding guests. Our dishes are always prepared with carefully selected, fresh ingredients: vegetables, meat and fish - thanks to which we have been enjoying a good reputation among our guests for so many years.

Own Business Day has allowed us to expand the group of loyal customers, of which we are extremely happy."


Mriola Bożek
Vis-à-Vis Club & Bar




"It was an extraordinary opportunity that allowed our customers to know and fall in love with one of our specialties."


LOmbraLonga Vineria Cicchetteria




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Enjoy the video to see how to participate and benefit from Own Business Day!



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