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Caterers & Canteens

You can count on METRO to power your catering business with a range of fresh, high-quality ingredients at the best prices. We also stock a range of kitchen equipment as well as cutlery and chinaware. Our flexible payment and delivery options mean you can think of METRO as your own personal warehouse!

How can METRO help you? Let us count the ways

  • All Under One Roof

    With METRO, you never have to think twice. Food ingredients, processed foods, beverages, imported and gourmet foods – we have it all and more. A catering business needs more than just food products – and you can also find kitchen equipment, cutlery, chinaware, serving trays, cleaning equipment and much more at METRO.

  • Daily Best Prices

    Maximise savings and profit margins with our special discount days and daily markdowns on selected products, over and above our affordable wholesale rates.

  • Bulk Packs

    When you’re buying for your catering business, you need much larger quantities than a retail customer would of ingredients like wheat, flour, salt, oil and so on. We make life easier for you with special bulk packs – and yes, they’re available at special bulk rates!

Delivery Solution

Worried about transporting all those bulk packs of easily damaged goods? We offer special delivery solutions that ensure you get the products you need, when you need them, delivered to your establishment. Bulk delivery rates ensure that you can top up your stocks without blowing a fortune on just delivery.

METRO Bandhan Loyalty Program

With the Bandhan Loyalty program, you get access to increased savings, exclusive promotions and a range of services that are designed to increase your profits and help build your business. It’s the most convenient, profitable way to do business with METRO.

METRO Chef-o-logy

Targetted at the people who make your menus magical, METRO Chef-o-logy is a platform for knowledge sharing. Masterclasses with renowned chefs, training sessions in exciting cuisines, access to great new recipes and more.

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