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Metro Wholesale Centres

Your one-stop warehouse

The METRO wholesale centre is a revolutionary business model, one that makes sourcing products simple and easy, across a truly astonishing range of product categories. Time was when getting supplies for your business meant leafing through countless catalogues, placing orders with multiple suppliers, always assuming everything you need was available and at a good price. 

METRO changes all that

All you have to do is stroll into a METRO wholesale centre and browse through a selection of over 10,000 products – everything from salt & sugar to office furniture and beyond. Make your selection, get them billed and take them back to your premises, secure in the knowledge that you’ve been provided with the best quality at the best price. 

And it doesn’t end there. Trained personnel are standing by to help you find the products you need. Our relationship programs let you take the convenience and affordability to the next level. Finally, should you need them, our transport solutions can take over the burden of seeing that your purchases reach your door. 

It’s like having your own dedicated warehouse. Even better, because you don’t have to manage it or make sure of quality, availability or affordability – we’re working on all of that for you!
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