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Trader Support & Partnership Program

The Trader Support & Partnership Program (TS&P) focuses on helping local traders achieve sales growth in the increasingly competitive retail space. Our Customer Consultants work closely with traders who participate in the program, helping them understand how trends in the industry impact their business and providing them with everything from business insights to specific tips on improving their store layout, customer experience & service and their range of products.

Intensive TS&P workshops are held at each location where METRO has a presence. These workshops give traders a concrete action plan to redesign their stores, step up on customer service and offer a more optimal product range.

Once traders invest in transforming aspects of their business, METRO reciprocates by offering a 1% extra margin for three years, until 50% of the trader’s investment has been offset. In return, traders reap business benefits by attracting as much as 20% more customers, more sales and better margins.