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Bandhan Bonus Program

The more you purchase, the more you earn!

METRO Bandhan is not just about better services; it’s also about greater profits for you. We’re here to create wider profit margins for you. And that’s the aim of the Bandhan Bonus Program – where, the more you purchase, the more profits you earn!

What Suits You Best?

We’ve created a Bonus Rewards solution tailor-made to suit your business cycle. This Bonus Programme entitles you to earn bonus rewards of:

  • upto 2% on your METRO purchases for a METRO Bandhan Gold member

How To Redeem Your METRO Bandhan Bonus Rewards

METRO Bandhan Bonus Rewards are directly credited to your METRO account within 15 days of the ending of each quarter. You will be informed of your total Rewards by mail. And you can redeem these Rewards against subsequent purchases at METRO. How simple can it get! But do ensure that you redeem your Bonus Rewards within 60 days, failing which the validity of your Rewards will automatically lapse.

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