METRO Cash & Carry organizes ‘Go Green Initiative’ in Jaipur

Jaipur, June 14, 2012: METRO Cash & Carry, the global leader in self-service business-to-business wholesale, recently organized the ‘Go Green Initiative’ – a sapling planting and distribution activity at its recently opened Jaipur wholesale distribution centre. This initiative in is line with the company’s overall focus on being environmentally responsible. METRO Cash & Carry also helped in spreading awareness by distributing over 450 saplings to its customers as part of this initiative, thereby engaging them in the green drive. This activity also saw representatives from various departments of METRO Cash & Carry also planting saplings in and around its Jaipur centre premises

Speaking about the initiative, a METRO Cash & Carry spokesperson said, “METRO is committed to environmental and climate protection. We at METRO believe that a small step can go a long way and our initiative to paint the Pink City green is one such step that will benefit the community at large.”

METRO understands the importance of and continuously works towards building a sustainable environment and has taken various eco-friendly measures at its wholesale distribution centres. In particular the METRO Jaipur centre has had energy conservation as a key objective right from inception and has implemented several initiatives to reduce environment impact.

Among the indirect environmental impacts of METRO’s business activities, energy consumption is a key focus area. Efficient energy management is therefore one of the key levers in METRO’s efforts to foster sustainability. METRO continually aims to drastically reduce its energy consumption and impact on climate. The Jaipur centre is equipped with energy efficient LED lights which not only help save energy but also reduce carbon footprint by cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Another initiative which led to significant reduction in energy consumption at METRO wholesale centre is the introduction of closed freezers moving away from open refrigeration. The use of closed refrigeration reduces refrigeration loss and thus electricity consumption.

METRO also ensures sustainable building designs for its wholesale centres to help minimize the energy impact of its operations. METRO wholesale centres are built with insolated panels which reduce the heat absorption thereby leading to reduced AC load and reduced cooling requirements. Another key sustainability initiative is zero wastage of water across METRO centres where all water used in the store is recycled for sanitation and gardening purposes. Other initiatives like maintaining ambient temperature at the centres rather than using strong air conditioning, using day light, using only 5 star energy efficient refrigeration equipments and sensor controlled escalators at the centres, recycling cardboard boxes and using energy efficient transport are some of the other areas that METRO focus on.

About METRO Cash & Carry

METRO Cash & Carry is represented in 30 countries with around 700 self-service wholesale centres. With more than 100,000 employees worldwide, the company achieved sales of about € 31 billion in 2011. METRO Cash & Carry is a sales division of the METRO GROUP.

METRO Cash & Carry entered the Indian market in 2003. The company currently operates eleven wholesale distribution centres including two each in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai, and one each in New Delhi, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Jaipur.

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