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METRO Customer Card

What is the METRO Customer Card?
The METRO Customer card identifies you as an authorised METRO customer. You cannot gain access to a METRO centre without your card.

Why do I have to have Business License to get a METRO card?
METRO Cash & Carry operates on a Business to Business (B2B) model. That is why Customer Cards are only issued to customers who hold valid business licenses.

What kinds of Business License documents are required to qualify for a METRO Customer Card? Any of the following:
VAT License
Weights & Scale License
Shops & Establishments License
Municipality License
Service Tax/Professional Tax License
Or any other valid business license issued the Government to do business, subject to verification/confirmation by METRO

Can I use my PAN Card, Voter ID or Driver’s License to get a Customer Card?
No, although you may need to provide them as additional identity proof. Please see the answer to the above Question for a list of Business License documents required to qualify for a Customer Card.

How many cards do I get?
We issue three cards per business establishment: one for the business owner and two for authorised representatives. If you operate in more than one location, we may issue three cards for each location.

Can you renew my Business License?
No, you have to renew your Business License yourself so that we can update our records and ensure we do not block your card.

How many people can I bring with me? What if I am making bulk purchases?
Only two people per card are granted entry to a METRO centre. If you have to make bulk purchases, our staff will help you organise delivery or convey your purchases to your delivery vehicle.

Can I shop in any location with my card?
Your card entitles you to shop at any METRO centre in India.

Can my nominee shop at a METRO centre anywhere in India on my behalf?
Yes, provided your nominee is a card holder. This is also subject to specific terms and conditions that may be imposed at each individual centre.

Can I use my card at METRO centres in other countries?
No, your card is only valid in India.

When do I receive my permanent card?
Please enquire about your permanent card at your nearest METRO Distribution Centre. 

Will I get the Bonus discount if I am getting Contract pricing?
No, you will not get any bonus if you are getting contract pricing, However if you want the bonus you need to forgo the contract on special pricing to avail this service.

Who are not eligible for Bonus Discounts?
The Bonus program is applicable over and above the regular METRO Mail offers, but, is not applicable on any purchases done through special/ negotiated offers other than the regular METRO Mail offers. 

What articles can I buy from Metro to get eligible for Bonus Discounts?
You can buy any article, except Liquor, Tobacco, Baby food & Sugarto get Bonus Discounts.

When can I get the Discounts Redeemed?
You will be happy to know that your bonus reward will get directly credited to your METRO account within 15 days of the quarter ending. You will be informed of the same through a letter. You can redeem the same against your subsequent purchases at METRO. Please ensure that the bonus reward is redeemed within 60 days after which the validity of the bonus reward will lapse. Please note this is not a cash redemption.

How many days is the Bonus discount valid?
Please ensure that the bonus reward is redeemed within 60 days after which the validity of the bonus reward will lapse.

Can I make multiple bills for redemption of Bonus Amount?
In case the value of purchase is lower than the bonus reward the customer is entitled to, he can redeem over multiple invoices until the reward is utilized, provided it is within the 60 days validity period.

If I make purchase for redemption of Bonus Discount, will that amount be considered for the T/O of that quarter?

My bonus amount calculation and your calculation are not matching!
Kindly come along with your Invoices to our store and meet the Customer care Manager, he/she will resolve the same.

How will I get the Bonus amount?
You will be happy to know that your bonus reward will get directly credited to your METRO account within 15 days of the quarter ending. You will be informed of the same through a letter. You can redeem the same against your subsequent purchases at METRO. Please ensure that the bonus reward is redeemed within 60 days after which the validity of the bonus reward will lapse.

Can I club my purchases of 2 different locations and achieve my target?
Yes, but, only if the customer number is same. 

Can I buy stocks in bulk and still get the Bonus Discount?
No, you will not be entitled for the Bonus if you buy in Bulk.

METRO Returns Policy

We at METRO place the interest of our customers first.

Kindly be informed about our return/exchange policy:

  • Return/Exchange of goods to be done within 14 working days from the date of purchase, with the original invoice.
  • Items can be returned only if the packaging with the tags is intact & product is in original saleable condition.
  • Items need to be accompanied, in original condition, with the free articles provided with it at the time of purchase.
  • The return should be made before the date of expiry of the product.
  • Credit Note will be issued in return/exchange of the goods which will be valid for 1 year and for a single purchase.
  • There are certain products for which it is difficult for us to support returns, please note these exclusions - 
    • Fresh Articles  like Fruits/Vegetables/Meat/Fish/Dairy
    • Liquor and Tobacco
    • Undergarments , Socks and Handkerchief
    • Mobiles and Cameras

After Sales Services and replacement for applicable merchandize under warranty will be provided only by the Authorized Service Centers of the respective brands/manufacturers.

Please remember to obtain the warranty stamp for all applicable products  from the Warranty Counter after purchase.

For further information on store policy or any other queries  contact the Customer Service Zone in the METRO store

Please, contact us at 1860-266-2010 for any further queries.

Shopping at METRO

I want to purchase on Credit. Can you help?
Please check with the Customer Relations department at your nearest METRO Distribution Centre. Credit cards are also accepted.

I want to buy Tobacco on credit.
We do not sell tobacco on credit.

My child is accompanying me; can I bring him / her in?
You can bring your kids along while shopping at METRO.

I’m not getting the METRO Mails?
Please contact the front office team at your local METRO centre.

What are METRO Cash & carry stores?
METRO Cash and Carry is the international leader in business-to-business wholesale. The business of Metro Cash & Carry aims at professional commercial customers such as hotel, restaurant and kiosk operators, caterers and small food retailers, hospitals, authorities, and to an increasing extent also service providers. For more details click here

What can I buy at METRO?
In METRO around 18000 articles are available including pens/note books/grocery items like oil, Noodles, sugar,/chocolate/ detergents/ brooms/ milk ,butter, curds,/ Fruits & Vegetables/ soft drinks /TV’s ,Mobile Phones, Luggage, which are generally required by any trader/establishment for its/their business needs. For more details click here
Exception: we don’t sell fuel /automobiles/ building materials, cement, sand, / jewelry etc.

Do you deliver stocks?
No, but we have third-party service providers who can address your delivery needs at reasonable rates. For more details click here

How many days credit period do you offer?
We don’t give any credit to customers as per our business policy. However, there are other value added services which may be offered on the basis of the buying behavior of a customer. Details can be shared once you become a customer.

Where can I park my vehicle?
All METRO centres offer huge free parking areas. The parking areas can accommodate around 300 cars and 200 two-wheelers at any given time.

Is there a minimum quantity I can shop for?
You need to buy a minimum of Rs. 1000 per invoice, and products at METRO are usually sold in bulk/wholesale units.

What are your timings?
We are open from 6 AM to 6 PM, all 365 days a year. For more details click here

Will I be able to pick up ________ quantity of __________ product tomorrow?
You need to place an order one day in advance at the Distribution Centre to ensure availability.

I visited the store and didn’t find the quantities I need of a certain product. What do I do?
Please contact our Customer Service department and we will ensure that stocks are replenished.

Can I get an additional discount if I buy a product in larger quantities?
Our products are already offered at the lowest prices possible.

Is it true that you only offer discounts on inferior quality products?
We follow strict quality standards on all products we stock; there is no question of moving low-quality products with lower pricing, rest assured. For more details click here

I am a regular METRO customer; I am also a supplier and would like to advertise some of the products available in METRO. How do I do this?
Please contact our Buying Manager for more details.

I need specific quantities of certain products on a regular basis. Can you book these products for me?
Yes. Please contact the Customer care team at your nearest METRO Distribution Center.

Do you provide a guarantee/warranty on electronic goods?
Yes, we provide the same guarantee/warranty offered by the producer.

I did not get the free articles for my previous invoice. What do I do?
Please bring your invoice to METRO, our team will resolve this for you.

I have been wrongly billed for one article and received another article.
Please bring the article(s) in question and the invoice to METRO and our team will resolve this for you.

Will you pack my purchases for me?
We don’t pack your purchases, but we will provide packing materials like carton boxes.

Do we get any help carrying goods?
If you are buying goods in bulk, our staff will help you load your delivery vehicle. If you need transport, we provide affordable solutions through a third-party logistic service provider. For more details click here

I am going to buy a lot of goods, but I can’t pick them up right now. Can you hold them for me for a few days?
Sorry, we cannot stock any goods that have been billed.

Why can’t you provide free delivery?
We already sell our goods at the best price possible, this makes it difficult to provide free delivery in addition. However, third party logistic service providers offer delivery at reasonable rates at all METRO Distribution Centers.

Why should I pay for carry bags?
We are a wholesale centre; we suggest you carry your own shopping bags for your convenience.

Do you accept all credit cards?
Yes, We accept all credit cards.

Can I use my debit card?
Yes, We accept all debit cards.

Are there any other restrictions on using credit/debit cards?
We do not impose any terms and conditions on your use of credit/debit cards; however you may not use them to purchase alcohol or tobacco, if available. 

What is the refund process on exchange or return of articles purchased through debit or credit card?
For purchases made through Credit/Debit cards, refund is allowed only through exchange of article / credit note redemption against Purchases .No cash refund is permitted under this scenario.

Can I use credit/debit cards for bulk purchases or negotiated sales?
Use of credit / debit cards is not permitted on Bulk purchase or at negotiated or discounted prices.

Can I pay part of my bill in cash and part with a card?
You can; however we would prefer you use a single mode of payment for a single transaction.

Can I split my payment across two cards?
No, unless it is on account of credit limits.

Can I pay for transport with a credit/debit card?
No, since the transport service is provided by a third party.

Will I earn points if I pay for flour with a credit/debit card?
Yes, you will.

Can I use a credit/debit card if I am availing of the Cash On Delivery (COD) facility?
No, you cannot.

If there is an error while swiping the card will the erroneous payment be voided on the machine or will I be given a cash refund?
The erroneous payment will be voided on the machine.