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Why Metro ?

  • 365 Days Wholesale prices
  • Everything under one roof
  • We are HACCP certified for the hygienic safe handling, & storage of food products
  • Convenient timing & hassle free parking

How to become METRO Member?

  • Submit your copy of your business proof & photo id to a METRO representative / METRO nearest outlet
  • Fill up your registration form and collect your temporary card number from nearest METRO outlet


For more details please contact us @ 1860-266-2010 or write to

Which documents are required to qualify for a METRO Customer Card?
Any of the following:

• GST license • Weights & Scale License • Shops & Establishments License • Municipality License • Service Tax/Professional Tax License Or any other valid business license issued the Government to do business, subject to verification/confirmation by METRO • Government Department Registrations (Click here to download the Authorization form)